The Paths of Wolf Lake

While “herding cats” is a euphemism most often granted to creative people, it can just as often be applied to the walkers on the path of the Lunargent Thorn. True to form, the Enchanters in Wolf Lake have no real organization, and Councilor Black Rabbit wouldn’t have it any other way. Black Rabbit would just as soon poll the local Enchanters over a game of cards just prior to a Consilium meeting than anything else.


Occasionally, Black Rabbit will rent out a small pub for the purposes of holding what is normally referred to as a “Rant”. The purpose of Rants is to relieve tension in times of great stress on the local Consilium- by airing everyone’s dirty laundry, the Enchanters can then focus at the task at hand. At a Rant, any Enchanter can call out any other Enchanter to make a complaint, which will be settled by either duels arcane or other contests, or sometimes just by the complainant being shouted down.
Traditionally, local Enchanters celebrate the autumnal and vernal equinoxes. The autumn is marked by an exclusive invitation-only masquerade. This can be an important time politically, as each Enchanter is given two invitations (in addition to themselves) for the masquerade, to give to whomever they choose. Thus, it gives younger mage one of their few opportunities to hobnob with their elders at a small, exclusive event. This method of invitation can also make the guest list… interesting. No restriction is placed on who can be invited. Sleeper, Sleepwalker, vampire, werewolf, medium, whatever. There’s often an informal competition to see who can bring the most “interesting” guest to the masquerade. The masquerade itself changes in tone from year to year- recently it’s been a formal Victorian-style ball, a dance-music fueled rave, and a highly symbolic funeral for the end of the summer.
The vernal equinox is, in contrast, marked much more privately. The Enchanters gather, with no guests in attendance save for perhaps a Sleepwalker acolyte, and fortunes are cast for each cabal represented. The prophesies given are meant to stand on their own- it is forbidden to discuss or interpret the predicted outcomes.

Enchanters of Wolf Lake

Black Rabbit (Councilor, member of the Signal to Noise cabal and the Free Council)

The Paths of Wolf Lake

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