Wolf Lake

On the northern shore of Lake Superior is the quiet, unassuming town of Wolf Lake. Home to just under half a million souls, Wolf Lake is about as idyllic as any Canadian city can get. But like the still surface of a pond, that image only hides the ugliness that lies underneath.

The residents know the truth. The lake shore is holed with mine shafts leading to tapped out silver veins- mine shafts the local Native Amercians didn’t have the technology to dig and were already ancient when the white man came. The hills on the edge of town howl at night, with the screams and death cries of things that hunt the deep woods. The city itself is even one corner of the “Superior Triangle”- the stretch of water that had swallowed at least 240 ships including the famous Edmund Fitzgerald and Henry B. Smith. Bodies are rarely recovered from the Lake- they are often swallowed whole, disappearing into the black, cold depths. And looking over it all is the great form of the Sleeping Giant, a rock formation that is supposedly the tomb of a god.

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I created Wolf Lake in 2004, needing a locale to run a game of Mage. Since then, I’ve run two games in the setting and had the honour of playing in a third when someone wanted to run a game in the setting itself. Now, I’m taking it to the webbernet.

Wolf Lake is an entirely fictional city. Any resemblance to any actual location is just the figment of your imagination. This setting shares only a name and the presence of werewolves with the television series of the same name.

Wolf Lake